The Giant Laser is a point-and-shoot weapon in Worms Forts: Under Siege, accessible through the Citadel.



Generally, the Citadel's answer to the Keep's Minigun. This weapon fires a continuous beam of red plasma that allows the user to manually readjust their aim on-the-fly.

The beam causes heavy damage to most structures and can be used to finish off a wounded enemy or a damaged building. However the weapon does suffer from recoil, only it is much less compared to the Minigun

While it doesn't do a lot of damage to larger buildings, added to the short duration of the attack. Nonetheless, it is great against fragile buildings and finishing off wounded enemies.


The weapon's performance doesn't make it well suited for direct assault, more like a finisher-type weapon. Use it to pick off exposed worms, or destroy buildings, damaged by other weapons.

Towers, and other fragile structures, on the other hand, can be destroyed by a single sweep of this weapon, allowing one to precisely take out an exposed Tower, connecting a group of tough structures back to the stronghold.

There is recoil, but it is much less compared to the Minigun, and it is much more accurate. 'pinpoint' accurate to say at least.


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