E.M.P. Grenade
The E.M.P. Grenade as seen in Worms Battle Islands
Used for Disabling equipment
Effects Disables Mines, Sentry Guns and Electromagnets
Controls Thrown like Grenade
Consumes turn
Range Long-range
Appears in Worms Battle Islands

The E.M.P. Grenade is a utility which only appears in Worms Battle Islands. It can be used to disable enemy equipment.


This utility can be thrown just like any other variant of the Grenade. Once the timer stops, which can be set from 1 up to 5 seconds, it will disable any Mine, Sentry Gun or Electromagnet within its small range. It will not deal any damage to Worms.

Tips & Tricks

  • The E.M.P. Grenade can be especially useful when dealing with repelling Electromagnets, since the E.M.P. Grenade is not affected by them.


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