Dynamic Water is a type of water which was introduced in Worms Revolution. It appeared in later games like Worms Clan Wars and Worms Battlegrounds, but doesn't feature in Worms W.M.D as of 23/8/16.


Unlike the water which is found at the bottom of most levels, Dynamic Water will not immediately kill worms which plunge into it. Instead, any worms which have enough of it sweep over them fast enough will be moved along with it, potentially off of cliffs or into the deadly water at the bottom of the stage. Additionally, any worms which are completely submerged in this type of water will take 5 points of damage (which can kill) at the beginning of every turn until they are sufficiently out of the water.

Any fire created by a Flame Thrower, exploding barrels, or the like will be extinguished if it comes in contact with Dynamic Water.

Weapons which create Dynamic Water


  • Unlike Poison, Dynamic Water can kill your worms if they are affected by it long enough.

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