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Donor Cards are landscape objects in Worms Armageddon. They will not appear unless the scheme being played has the option for them set.


The team of a worm which picks up a Donor Card will be given several items from the arsenal of the team which dropped the card. Only utilities and weapons classified as "superweapons" can be obtained in this manner.

List of obtainable items



Donor Card animation

A Donor Card will appear instead of a gravestone when the last worm on any given team dies.

However, if any of the following conditions are met, then a gravestone will appear as normal instead of a Donor Card:

  1. The defeated team had none of the items which can be inherited by a Donor Card.
  2. All of the inheritable items the defeated team had were infinite in supply.
  3. The attack which killed the last worm of the defeated team also ended the match.


When a Donor Card is dropped, a random quote from the following list will display:

  • "And the geek shall inherit the earth..."
  • "<Worm name> drops a Donor card!"
  • "<Worm name> leaves an heirloom"
  • "<Worm name> leaves the family jewels behind..."
  • "Finders Keepers!"
  • "The legacy of <Worm name>!"
  • "<Worm name> makes a donation."
  • "<Worm name> makes a gesture to the kitty!"

When a Donor Card is collected, the names of all items obtained and the amounts they are obtained in will flash by in succession at the top or bottom of the screen, starting with superweapons (which display in a random order) and then moving on to the utilities (which display in the order they are listed on the weapon UI). Only up to 19 different items will be listed in this way.

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