Doctor's Strike is a utility in Worms 3D.


Unlike Air Strike and other strike weapons, the Doctor's Strike drops 5 health crates on the target spot. They drop horizontal, and if you use it right, none will fall in the water.


  • This weapon is useless as if the first team summons this weapon, it will end the turn, and the next team is able to collect the health crates!
  • Each health crate grants HP, but the amount will be based on the game options in the multiplayer mode.
  • This utility has its own adventages: if your Worms have few health points left, they can use this weapon and target themselves to gain more health to stay in the battle.
  • It is unavailable in all of the single player missions, challenges and deathmatches, and cannot be unlocked.
  • This utility is considered rare, even though it appears frequently in Crates.
  • This weapon only makes an appearance on Worms 3D.
  • In Worms: Revolution, the same concept was used for the Crate Strike.

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