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Sheep Strike
Type Air Strike
Range Can hit anything in open-air
Damage 100 HP/Sheep
Additional effects Explosion
Appears in Worms DC - Worms 3D (Replaced with Fatkins Strike in Worms 4: Mayhem and Ultimate Mayhem)
Affected by

The Sheep Strike is a weapon that first appears in Worms: The Director's Cut. It is an Air Strike weapon which drops five Sheep on the terrain. Each Sheep bounces once on the terrain, exploding, and then disappears on the second bounce, in a similar explosion. It is considered a super weapon because it can kill many worms.

In Worms 2, it is renamed Confused Sheep Strike. In Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party, it is renamed French Sheep Strike; in this version, the Sheep are on fire and will expel flames after the first bounce, while the French national anthem ("La Marseillaise") plays in the background.

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This exceptionally powerful strike weapon leaves behind it an amazing trail of destruction, often resulting in a high number of deaths too if used correctly. Simply select a chosen area on the landscape that contains enemy Worms and simply deploy our fluffy friends who will happily bounce around for a few seconds, Sheeping the enemy!

Each Sheep can cause up to 100 points of damage.

If there are any oil drums in the area, be careful because the unpredictable bounce from the Sheep could come your way and set the drums alight! Be very wary of oil drums!


  • A Sheep Strike may be fired without aiming.
  • It's possible to preselect the Sheep Strike in mid-jump.
  • During the mission Ice, Ice Maybe in Worms 3D, the sheep that get dropped into the pool of water are probably from a sheep strike.
  • In Worms 4 and Ultimate Mayhem, it is the replacement of the Fatkins Strike and it acts similar to that weapon.

This article incorporates text from Sheep Strike on Worms Knowledge Base, which is under GNU Free Documentation License 1.2.

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