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Game Options

Name- Name of the scheme/gamestyle.

Rounds- (1/3/5) Quantity of wins needed.

Turn Time- (15/20/30/45/60/90) The length of the time of each turn.

Round Time- (0/5/10/15/20/25/30) The length of the time before Armageddon (Sudden Death) starts.

Retreat Time- (0/3/5) The length of the time of the retreat.

Artillery Mode- (Off/On) When On, worms cannot move.

Worm Health- (1/25/50/100/150/200/infinite) Worm's HP.

Fall Damage- (Off/On) When Off, worms that fall will take no damage.

Landscape Options

Type- (Random/Forts/Race) Type of scheme/gamestyle.

Indestructible- (Off/On) When On, landscape is indestructible and cannot be digged.

Special Events- (Off/On) When Off, the special events will not occur.

Weapon Crate- (Off/On) Availability of the weapon crates.

Utility Crate- (Off/On) Availability of the utility crates.

Health Crate- (Off/On) Availability of the health crates.

Health in Crates- (25/50/75/100) The health of a crate.

Random Objects

Electro Magnets- (Off/On) Availability of the electro magnet.

Sentry Guns- (Off/On) Availability of the sentry gun.

Mines- (Off/On) Availability of the mines.

Oil Drums- (Off/On) Availability of the oil drums.

Crates- (Off/On) Availability of the crates.


Weapon- Weapon

Ammo- (0-10/infinite)Ammonution of a weapon

Delay- (0-9) Turns taken for the weapon to be available

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