Building Site Saboteurs
Mission Type Destructing
Difficulty Very easy
Number of Friendly Worms One player
Number of Enemy Worms 2 Guards
Landscape Building,Building Site Saboteurs
Enemy Teams Rent-A-BILL
Reward 20 coins and Building Site Saboteurs
Bought in Shop? yes
Game Worms 4: Mayhem


"This is the enemy's main building supply location. From here they can supply building materials to all their miltary establishment. Let's tackle the root of the problem shall we? Blow up their diggers and really put their Logistic Department out of action. Then we can sit back and watch the effects."


Step 1: Go forward, and collect the crate. Continue going forward, and drop the dynamite next to the TNT.? Step 2: Collect the crate that appeared, then start going towards the crate on the little floating boat. Start going right and you will see another digger, and some more TNT. Jump over to it, and leave dynamite there. Make sure you jump off again. Step 3: Jump towards the stairs, and towards the last digger. Drop dynamite next to it, and run away. Step 4: Go towards the little warehouse that the weapons appeared in, and collect them all. Use an air strike, like it up with both the worms, and kill them all in one go.

If you did all this in 3 minutes, you will be awarded 40 coins.


P:-"Hmmmm... Where are they?"

building site saboteurs

-"They're not in there"

-"I'm sure the diggers must be nearby!"


-"Found 'em!"

-"I need to blow all 3 diggers up..."

-" doubt the noise will alert the guards..."
Worms 4 Mayhem mission 305:31

Worms 4 Mayhem mission 3

mission 3

-" I need to keep my eyes peeled!"

G- but you have no weapons!

P:-"Not a problem, there's some in this crate..."

-"... and more will be teleported in later"

-"It's all under control"

G:-Good show. That digger has dug its last hole.


-Excellent work. That digger is history.

E:-"OI! What do you think You're doing?!"

-"Those diggers aren't cheap you know!"

-"Let's make him pay... and I don't mean with money!"

G:- You destroyed the diggers...

- ...and took care of the enemy.



E- enemy

P- players

G- game chat

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