Bubble Trouble
Effects Shield
Range Very small
Appears in Worms 4: Mayhem

Worms: Ultimate Mayhem

Bubble Trouble is a utility that provides a small shield around a Worm. When placed, a large bubble blows up out of the spout. It protects the Worm who provided it if he is located within the bubble, but ''doesn't" protect from poison weapons (Gas Canister, Poison Arrow).

Tips and Tricks

  • If a Worm has been tail nailed, it can still place a Bubble Trouble to protect itself, much to the annoyance to the other team.
  • The Bubble Trouble protects your Worm from attacks launched towards you, but if a Worm goes inside it and drops a Dynamite, the Bubble Trouble does not protect you, and becomes destroyed.
  • If a Worm uses the Bubble Trouble on a high ledge, try damaging the ledge so the Worm and the Bubble Trouble fall down.

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