Effects Pushes worms,
Collects crates
Range Long range
Appears in Worms: Open Warfare 2, Worms 3

The Boomerang is a utility in the Worms series which does no damage.


This utility deals no damage. Boomerang has some similarties of the Homing Missile (comes back to the user) and Prod (pushes worms). The Boomerang can also collect crates, which is useful.

"Boomerang - The Boomerang is a handy weapon with multiple uses. Whilst the Boomerang is in the air you can make it spin back towards your worm by pressing the Fire Button. If you manage to return the Boomerang to your worm, it will reappear in the weapon panel. The Boomerang will push worms when it hits them and can also be used to collect crates."

—Team 17s description on the new weapon and its usage.

Using the Boomerang

Press the Fire Button to throw the Boomerang. You can hold the Fire Button for more power. Press the Fire Button again for the Boomerang to spin back towards you.

Tips & Tricks

  • This utility can be very useful for collecting hard-to-reach/far crates.
  • If you are out of Girders or other utilities which can help you move, you can use boomerangs to build a bridge. They will stick to the landscape, and you can walk across them.