Boggy Pete is a major antagonist of Worms 3D. He appears multiple times in the campaign and is always part of the enemies' team. He is a Worm that always has more health than the other Worms. He seems to be a general because he has his own gang: "The Madchesters". He tries to conquer the world in his farm-like base. He likes to stay in his base discussing his evil plans with the Madchesters. In Worms: Ultimate Mayhem's version of the Worms 3D campaign, his headgear is always the same as the other Worms on the team, but he can be identified by his mustache, monocle, and custom voice clips. He usually is in a position that is either safe or good for sniping. Boggy Pete seems to behave like a CPU level 5 team member, regardless of the team he's on.


  • He is possibly related to Boggy B and Boggy the Kid, as they have similar names.
  • Also, he is sort of like the opposite of Boggy B, because Boggy Pete is a villain.

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