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This article is about the weapon. For the character, see Boggy B (character).
Boggy B
Type Superweapon
Range Anywhere
Damage 30 HP
Max hits 1
Additional effects N/A
Appears in Worms Revolution
Worms 3
Worms Clan Wars
Worms Battlegrounds
Affected by

Boggy B is a weapon in the fourth generation of Worms games, first appearing in Worms Revolution. This weapon may be hard to use, but is quite rare and powerful. It can be used to hit any target on the map.


Using this weapon summons a helicopter in front of the screen with Boggy B hanging from it while holding a Grenade. A swiveling cursor will appear which the player should use to choose the location on which the Grenade should be used. Once the location has been confirmed, Boggy B will throw his Grenade there, after which it explodes on impact dealing a maximum of 30 HP.


_Notwithstanding this weapon's damage is pretty low, it allows you hit any point of the map you want, so it's very useful to terminate an opponent's worm with very low energy.

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