Type Ranged weapon
Range Unlimited
Damage 1 HP
Additional effects Poison
Appears in Worms 3D
Affected by

The Blowpipe is a ranged weapon that appeared in Worms 3D. The initial impact only a single point of damage to be taken, however 4 additional health points will be removed from the victim at the end of every turn he remains affected (including the first turn when he is hit). As with the Nuclear Bomb and Gas Canister, its effects are halted when the victim collects a health crate. Also alike the Nuclear Bomb and Gas Canister, the victim cannot die from the Blowpipe alone - it will bring them down to 1 health point and they will remain there indefinitely until damaged in another way. Affected worms are easily recognizable by their greenish hue.


Like the shotgun, this weapon is effective at any distance, its accuracy is only limited by the idle sway in first person. The worm using the blowpipe cannot damage himself with this weapon. When available these weapons are best used as early in the game as possible, due to the nature of their health draining effects.

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