The Battle Wizard is an antagonist in the second chapter of Worms 4: Mayhem and Worms: Ultimate Mayhem's Story Mode. He appears in Joust About It, which is the fourth mission of the second chapter. He is the last of the four wizards that retrieved the Time Machine's missing parts after it crash-landed, but unlike the other wizards, you don't fight him. The other wizards in order are the Storm WizardWindy Wizard, and Rogue Wizard. The Battle Wizard has put up a piece of the Time Machine as a prize in a jousting competition, so the player must defeat all of the knights who are taking part to claim the prize, which is the Time Machine piece.

In this mission, the player must defeat the competitors of a jousting competition in order to retrieve the final Time Machine piece. The Battle Wizard, being the only wizard who you don't fight (which is ironic because of his name), uses the Time Machine piece as a prize in this competition. The competitors are knights, and there are 3 waves of knights that the player must defeat. During each wave, the player and the enemy must use different weapon sets. In the first wave, they must use the ProdFire Punch, and Baseball Bat. Each knight has 25 HP in the first wave. In the second wave, they must use the BazookaGrenade, and Homing Missile. Each knight has 50 HP in the second wave. In the final wave, they must use the ShotgunSniper Rifle, and Poison Arrow. Each knight has 75 HP in the final wave. Also, the knights in the final wave wear the "Royal Knight" headgear, while the knights in the first 2 waves wore the standard "Knight" headgear. After the final wave is defeated, the Time Machine piece appears, available for the player to collect. After the Time Machine piece is collected, the mission is complete, and the Battle Wizard arrives once more and appears to be upset from the player's victory.


These are the accessories for the Battle Wizard.

  • Head: Wizard Blue
  • Eyes: Professor
  • Face: Nothing
  • Hands: Nothing

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