Armour is an instant utility in Worms 4: Mayhem and Worms: Ultimate Mayhem. When obtained, approximately 80% of all damage gets blocked, so if your worm has been shot with a Bazooka doing 50 damage, around 10 damage will be inflicted upon the worm instead. The worm will also become heavier and will travel a shorter distance when hit by weapons such as the Baseball Bat or Holy Hand Grenade. Also, when Armour is obtained, the red cross next to your worm's health points will be replaced by a small blue and yellow shield.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you still have plenty of Turn Time left, infinite Worm Selects (or more than one), and there are multiple utility crates each containing Armour, it is recommended to switch worms during your turn to let each of them collect the crates with Armour inside them, so that each worm on your team will have Armour and will be much more powerful and more difficult to kill. You should especially do this if your opponent is in the lead.
    • If there are only two crates containing Armour, collect one of them, save your Worm Select (if you only have one or two), and use the Ninja Rope instead, to drag the other crate containing Armour towards another worm on your team. You can also do this to other worms on your team with other crates, for example, health crates (if the worm you're controlling has enough health and your other worms are injured).


  • Weapons who inflict damage when projectiles explode on impact are affected by this. Some weapons, like Fire Punch and Baseball Bat inflict full damage on your worms even when you have Armour.

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