Concept art

The Aqua Pack is a utility that first appeared in Worms Clan Wars. It's basically a Jet Pack, but when your Worm flies with it, it emits small amounts of water at a time. It's very useful, since you can wash away enemy Worms and your turn doesn't end once used, similar to the Jet Pack.

Tips and Tricks

  • The Aqua Pack can be used to move Worms next to each other, allowing for collateral damage.
  • Many weapons and utilities can be dropped from the Aqua Pack.
  • Placing a Sentry Gun next to a Worm and flying away will cause the Worm to move due to the water, when the Worm moves the Sentry Gun shoots. This can be coupled with the Worm Charm to deal 150 damage, without an opponent being able to defend.

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