Alien Abduction
Type Air Strike
Range Any Worm in the open
Damage 1/2 of the victims health
Additional effects Alien Worm Status
Appears in Worms 4: Mayhem, Worms: Ultimate Mayhem
Affected by

Alien Abduction is an Air Strike-esque weapon that, when called, will summon a flying saucer to abduct Worms (allied and enemy) that are directly under it. After being abducted, the worms are then released, dealing half their health as damage and turning them into 'Alien' worms.

Alien worms will randomly gain or lose a random amount of health per turn. The health gained or lost isn't based on anything; it's entirely possible to gain or drop by 100 health per turn.

While moving, an Alien worm may teleport around the map randomly. While this may be helpful, it often ends up placing the worm in the water.

Players can cure an alien worm by collecting a health crate or using the Icarus Potion. This is highly recommended, as the Alien status effect is extremely detrimental, especially when multiple worms are affected.


  • The Alien Abduction has no limit to the number of worms it can abduct in one use, but can only abduct worms that directly below it. Hiding in enclosed structures can ensure safety of a worm.
  • Alien worms have blue bodies with light blue empty eyes. When it comes out from the UFO, all accessories are gone, and they will not come back when the effect is cured.
  • Alien worms lose their ability of speech completely except when they jump.
  • Multiple alien worms standing close to each other often try to communicate with their minds by sending waves to each other through their eyes.
  • When curing an Alien worm, it may help to wait until you gain health before doing it. However, this carries a risk.
  • This is an excellent weapon for cutting high health worms down to size; dealing half their health as damage, and giving them an extremely detrimental effect.
  • When Worms are released, they are all released in the same location. This can sometimes lead to Worms bouncing around, potentially in the water.
  • Unlike Poison, the Alien Worm's health loss is able to kill the worm if the health loss exceeds their maximum health.


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