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Alien Abduction
Type Air Strike
Range Can hit anything in open air
Damage 1/2 of the victims health
Additional effects "Infected" Worm
Appears in Worms 4: Mayhem, Worms: Ultimate Mayhem
Affected by

Alien Abduction abducts any worms caught in the beam it releases, turns them into "alien" worms inside the UFO, and then drops them back down to the landscape before it flies away. Victims of the UFO gain or lose a random amount of health, as well as victims spontaneously moving to random areas of the map occasionally.


  • The Alien Abduction can affect all worms in the landscape, as the capacity of the beam is unlimited (but all the worms have to stand in one place).
  • The only ways to cure an alien worm is to collect a health crate or use the Icarus Potion.
  • Alien worms have blue bodies with light blue empty eyes. When it comes out from the UFO, all accessories are gone, and they will not come back when you heal.
  • Alien worms lose their ability of speech completely except when they jump.
  • Multiple alien worms standing close to each other often try to communicate with their minds.
  • Alien worms randomly gain or lose health each round. This lasts until your health reaches zero, and you die.
  • An alien worm is under some control from the UFO; when they walk around and jump, they sometimes teleport to a random location on the map. In some cases, this can be helpful, but you often end up in the water.


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