The first generation of Worms games consists of the original Worms game and its expansion packs.


Worms 1
Main article: Worms (1995)

Worms was the first in a series of artillery games developed by Team17 and released in 1995. Though initially only available for the Amiga, it was later ported to several other systems.

Worms Reinforcements

Worms Reinforcements
Main article: Worms Reinforcements

Worms Reinforcements is an expansion pack for the original Worms for MS-DOS. It was later bundled with the original game and released as Worms and Reinforcements United.

Worms and Reinforcements United

Worms & Reinforcements United
Main article: Worms and Reinforcements United

Worms and Reinforcements United (commonly shortened to Worms United) is a combination of the original Worms and Worms Reinforcements for MS-DOS. It combined both onto one CD-ROM, and the original retail release also included a 3½-inch floppy disk with extra landscapes.

Worms: The Directors Cut

Worms dc bg
Main article: Worms: The Directors Cut

Worms: The Directors Cut is the largest and final expansion pack of the original Worms game. It was released exclusively to the Amiga console, and was largely built upon the original Amiga game engine. The game was updated with various enhancements, additions and tweaks. It sold only 5,000 copies, but was still well received by fans.

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